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Meniscus surgery recovery

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  • Meniscus surgery recovery

    Hello Sirs,

    Posted this over on SS forums and got zero response

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    I don't see a question here.
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      Hello Dr Baraki,

      Sorry about that. No idea why what I wrote didn’t get posted. Anyway, let’s try that again ;-) ...

      Will try my best to make a very long story as short as possible...

      First, 48 years old, long time power lifter, eventually making transition to Crossfit-like training with strength bias (mostly Crossfit Football and Johnnie WOD from the PAHQ folks). Was at one of the highest levels of fitness and health (for me) middle 2016, felt invincible, training was amazing. Then the crap hit the fan. Still to this day not exactly sure how I did it, maybe squats, sprints, box jumps, combination of age and pushing it too hard, who knows. But one day noticed my knee was tight and felt "off". Got progressively worse, locking up, some pain (but not debilitating, more background annoying)...Fast forward to more recent time ...

      Four months ago (January) had surgery (after MRI and diagnosis of course by ortho) ... Torn medial and lateral meniscus, ortho performed debridement (meniscectomy). Plus I had damaged/rough cartilage both articular (on the femur) and also under knee cap, for which he did some "smoothing". Since the surgery it has been terribly frustrating. Even now I have a background level of pain (though it is minor, no sharp shooting pain, mainly a bit of a dull ache now and then). But worst is the swelling. It goes up and goes down, but never goes away. No matter how much I rest it, no matter how much I ice it, always there. I have tried "testing" it when it did feel a bit better with some very light box squats and lunges, even deadlifts, and always the next day it is pissed and swollen, which eventually goes down. Knee feels a little better, I "test" again, and here I go again, same thing...Swelling, minor aching. Note I do have mostly full range motion, can't quite touch my heal to my hamstring (due to tightness, just won't go there), and I think I have about 185' extension, but still I have a slight limitation there also (not quite as good as my good knee).

      And yes, I did go back and see my ortho few weeks ago, and all he did was say give it few more months, no squats (or any weight bearing activity), gave me a shot of cortisone, and sent me on my way (cortisone didn't do crap by the way). That was it. No PT, nothing. He said if after 3 months still I am having issues, then he said he better go back in and take a look. No thanks! Last thing I want is to have him back inside my knee poking around again. I am not so sure he did more harm by doing the surgery than maybe just leaving it alone and trying some PT or something (with someone that knew what the heck they were doing!). I guess I should have run from this guy as soon as he told me squats are bad for your knees(!), but I was so desperate to get back to normal again I trusted him and guess I expected a miracle, plus he had a good reputation with local college sports teams.

      Needless to say, I am beyond frustrated. I have no idea where to go or what to do. Mainly what I want to know is what I am experiencing normal, especially being 48, and simply I do need to be more patient as healing time longer?, is there some specific rehab protocol I should be doing (besides just riding a damn stationary bike and walking), or is this the best my knee is going to get and the new "normal", should I start strength training (including squats) and push through the low level pain and swelling as it is normal and I am not doing new damage and the strength training will help to rehab the knee? I have no frickin idea as I just don't know where to go for help now. Worse part is I actually live overseas (had surgery in US) and while I could maybe try to find a local ortho or PT, in the country I am in, not sure if they would maybe make matters worse (I am in Japan).

      Would really appreciate any insight and advice anyone could give, especially if you have been in similar situation. I have lost 20lbs(!) of muscle in past 4 months and I have the strength of a pre-pubescent girl (this is what happens when all you do is bench press and can't squat, deadlift, or power clean any longer!).

      Thanks for reading this very long post.

      A very frustrated "old dog of the iron"

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        Hello Dr Baraki (or anyone else reading this),

        Do you have any inputs or experience with this kind of a situation?

        Would really appreciate any guidance you could offer.



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          So they didn’t send you for any sort of post-op PT?

          Where are you located?

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            Hello Dr Baraki,

            No, no post op PT. Only some very basic stuff to do just after surgery, to get through acute phase and basically back on my feet. Single sheet of paper with few excercises I did at home. Never saw a PT, which I think should have been the case for more long term recovery and so they could monitor my progress and adjust as needed. Like I said, I was completely on my own


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              Yeah, I'd actually see if you can get a referral for that as a first step here.
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