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Anterior Hip Pain During Squat and Press

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  • Anterior Hip Pain During Squat and Press

    Doctors, hello.

    I've been experiencing a gradual increase in anterior hip pain for the last couple of weeks. It's been intermittent for a couple of months, only recently becoming worth thinking about, as it has become a moderate "stabbing" pain. Certainly not a 10 on the Richter scale, but it quite uncomfortable and seems to be getting worse.

    Just today I had Squats w/ a 2ct pause prescribed by The Bridge. I feel the pain just above, to my right, and somewhat deep of the pubic bone. I feel it most acutely during the beginning of the concentric phase of the squat, although it does get slightly aggravated in the last inch or two of the eccentric phase. Today, specifically, since the weight was perhaps in the 50-65% range of my Squat 1RM, I was focusing on deliberately extending the knees and hips simultaneously out of the bottom instead of my usual hip drahve. I guess "pushing through the mid-foot" instead of driving the hips directly out of the bottom. It seemed to help randomly, some would feel fine, some would feel slightly painful, and some would produce the stabbing pain.

    I feel the same sensation during the exaggerated hip extension during the press w/ a belt as well. It's not quite as intense, although that may be a consequence of being conservative with the hip movement out of fear/expectation of the pain. Moreover, I feel it on every rep of the press if I shove my hips forward.

    I do NOT experience any of this hip pain during the Deadlift, Bench Press, Chins, Rows, etc. It seems to only flare during the Squat and Press.

    On Friday I have Deadlift w/ belt, Bench Press w/ 1ct pause, and 3-0-3 Tempo Squats. My plan is to be extremely conservative with weight on the Tempo Squats on Friday and if that provides no relief, attempt high-bar/front squats to test the pain. If that doesn't work, I'll use absurdly light weights during the Squat/Strict Press until it wants to let me add weight.

    Do you have any advice? If not, I'll update on Friday.

    Thanks for reading,

    24, 6'6, 235 lb, about 15 months of "real" training under my belt and about 15 years of sport history if that helps anything.

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    Your plan sounds reasonable. Let us know what happens next. May be worth posting a form check to the BBM FB page, too.
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