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substitutions for OH press and possibly bench press after multiple shoulder surgeries

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  • substitutions for OH press and possibly bench press after multiple shoulder surgeries

    About 6 months ago I felt 4 "pops" in my shoulder while warming up for bench with a relatively light weight. This was on a smith machine and now I totally understand the error of my ways as I had limited the natural range of motion and have screwed myself up for life. After the pops the pain got progressively worse and would not go away. After MRI I was told I had torn my labrum and went in for arthroscopy to "debridle" the torn areas and also remove some bone spurs in the shoulder area. After taking it easy for several months I went back as the healing wasn't going the way I wanted. I could not even OH press a naked bar without bad pain. After some more x-rays I was told I needed the "Mumford" procedure. Had that done and was shown photos of my shoulder joint with lot's of gouges from bone to bone contact and was told I have arthritis and would eventually a total joint replacement. Normal everyday tasks sometimes feel like I'm getting stabbed by a knife in the shoulder and the OH press is totally out of the question along with heavy benches. Surprisingly the power clean hasn't given me any issues yet.
    What exercises if any would fit into a NLP program in place of the bench and OH press and not take away any focus from the squat and DL? I would like a few compound type movements to get the most bang for my buck but really am trying to stay away from using any muscles groups from the squat or DL to keep the recovery periods and gains the same. Would pull type exercises be a good substitution?


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    Pulling is not a "substitute" for pressing.

    Did you get any sort of post-operative rehab? I'm not sure what the point of the surgery was if you can't use your arm without stabbing pain.
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