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QL strain?

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  • QL strain?

    I used to occasionally get sharp lower back pain at times which would have set back my training. This first started after falling off a horse and was exacerbated by poor DL form. I’ve worked on the latter and my form is pretty crisp, but I now ocasionally get some pain in my left hip round toward my lower back which I think relates to my QL. I do have pretty tight hips, lower back and Hamstrings and need to be very careful to brace effectively at the bottom of squats.

    I felt a twinge during my squat session on thursday so stopped, and had to pull back the intensity of my dead’s on Saturday (albeit after working through some initial discomfort it did seem to loosen up somewhat)

    I’m guessing the answer is to train through it, but I’m wondering is there anything else I should be doing to address my lack of mobility/flexibility in this area as it now seems to be recurring and keeps knocking my progress back.

    I do seem to get some relief by rolling a lacrosse ball into my hip (I assume this should hurt everyone?!).

    I’m 40 years old if that matters!

    thanks in advance

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    Hi there,

    Have you listened to our pain / injury podcasts?

    I would be hesitant to ascribe these issues to your QL, or to your perceived "tightness" / "mobility" issues.
    IG / YT