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Bicep and forearm pain

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  • Bicep and forearm pain

    Hello I've been getting an unbearable pain in my arm and forearm when squatting
    Even after watching rippetoe's video and articles i can't seem to correct it as it is always tougher to see what you are doing wrong yourself
    Could you tell me what i need to change in my technique to fix it
    Also what do i need to do (Ibuprofene,massage,compression etc) meanwhile to keep lifting as its been affecting my other lifts

    Thank you

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    IG / YT


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      Thank you austin,
      Looking at this I understand chet up back tight elbow down
      But some say wider grip some say narrower
      Looking at the link i posted what should i do in your expert opinion?


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        The link you posted does not work, sorry.

        And yes, there are a number of different approaches that simply must be experimented with to see what will work. There's unfortunately no "one" best solution to this.
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          I think I saw Alan Thrall had this issue too. I was going to send the solution but didnt. Most people say make your grip wider or tighter or use wrist straps or something else which is location dependant. This may help but essenially raise the bar about an inch. Theres a nerve that runs across your scapula and down your arms. Most people that have done Starting Strength try to low bar. Problem is that over time the nerve gets battered by the bar on your back and crush injuries happen. The nerve likes to register its protest in the elbows, forearms and wrists.

          Ive never seen this solution posted anywhere else and I supect the sale of wrist wraps will take a hammering once this is out. You can thank me by praying nightly for my front squat form to get better.