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  • Training with Mono

    Hey docs,

    Would you advise someone diagnosed with mono to not train at all for a period of time due to fear of spleen rupture? If so, how do you determine when it is safe to return to training? Is there any reliable tests that can be done or is it just a matter of waiting X amount of time?

    My sister was diagnosed with mono yesterday and is a bit hard headed, she is determined to continue training with weights. Not sure if this is something I should be trying to talk her out of.


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    Most of the spleen issues described in this situation have to do with contact sports (which I would agree, should be avoided here). With that said, there are (very) rare case reports in the literature of spontaneous (i.e., non-traumatic) spleen rupture in the setting of infectious mononucleosis. A few of these (again, rare) papers have theorized a mechanistic link between the valsalva maneuver and this particular complication.

    Unfortunately, no one knows for sure whether there's a causal link there, and if so, what the actual risk is. I suspect that, if present, it is quite low. Given that information, it will ultimately have to be her decision as to whether she'd like to take this small theoretical risk or not. I wish I could give you a better answer based on better evidence here!
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      Thanks Austin that helps a bunch! She's been temporarily suspended from her competitive cheerleading against her will due to contact sport concerns but she's continuing to train in the gym, so your response helps put me at ease.