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Severe CTS, Continuing to Train, Possible Surgery.

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  • Severe CTS, Continuing to Train, Possible Surgery.

    Good morning all,

    Back in May of this year I started to suffer from a tingling sensation as well as a numbness sensation in my hands and arms. Pretty much paresthesia in those areas. I saw an occupational therapist for a few months, wore braces at night, and even wore wraps and sleeves during the day. Additionally, I decreased my training or altered programming during this time. Condition did not get better and actually worsened. Grip strength also decreased by 40 PSI or so (current PT test for my job actually has a grip strength test).

    Back in September I finally saw a Neurologist and conducted a nerve conduction study. They ended diagnosing me with severe carpal tunnel Syndrome and recommending surgery.

    Since being diagnosed, I started to train harder and not let it affect me mentally. I still suffer some symptoms but my condition has actually improved and have even hit a few PRs. Would surgery be even worth it? Is it possible for a severe case to completely heal on it self? I suppose if i manage load and fatigue I should be fine correct? don't meet with my surgeon until Jan 4th and feel like as long as my condition improves I should be training.


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    There's no "urgent" indication for surgery here, so if things are improving, it seems reasonable to wait and see just how much improvement you get.
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    • Filip the Ortho-doc
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      Hi Austin, what if things don´t improve. Would you recommend surgery then?

    • Austin Baraki
      Austin Baraki commented
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      If it was significantly affecting his daily life and not improving, then it may be worth a shot.

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    It initially wasn't improving. From May until about Early November my condition was affecting my job. I'm in the military and my grip strength greatly diminished, couldn't wear body armor or a ruck without my arms falling alseep immediately. Thus doctors wanting to pursue the surgery route.

    I'm hoping my condition continues to improve. I will be trying to follow the Bridge Program Next and really take load and fatigue management more seriously. Unfortunately the military doesn't always allow us to back off if we're overloaded or fatigued so I'll continue to have my good days and bad days.