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Upper Abdominal Pain/Torn or Strained Abdominal Recovery Time

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  • Upper Abdominal Pain/Torn or Strained Abdominal Recovery Time

    Hello Dr. Feigenbaum and Dr. Baraki,

    Monday was my deadlift day and I experienced the popping (URQ) mid pull some others have felt. I am new so I stopped and stretched a bit to check on myself, but continued because there was no further discomfort. It was not until later in the day that I took a deep breath and experience sharp pain URQ just below my last rib. Slight occasional dull pain throughout the day, some dull pain on palpation, and sharp pain on specific movements/breathing deeply. No lumps or movable protrusion. I am fairly certain it is a strain as mentioned but I am currently in a fairly remote location for work and the medical provider isn't very versed in sports medicine. I am even more confident after reading a few posts from Dr. Baraki to other posts, but a subordinate and I are both experience the same symptoms simultaneously (she is a new lifter as well) so I wanted to be thorough in case there was something for us to actually worry about. She describes hers as "the feeling you get from a stitch in your side". We both are not using belts yet; not worries though we plan to once we are out of here.

    With all that being said, how long should I give myself to recover? I planned to reduce weight/core strain this week and start next week with light weight and see how it goes. I was trying to get some extra gains/redistribute some body mass right before going home so I hate the idea of having to not train right now, but can't afford to cause a long term injury either.

    I also wanted to say even though I just created this forum account to ask this question, you have both helped me immensely this first 6 months or so of lifting. Coming from being a chronic runner to lifting due to environment, but I plan to stick with the lifting. I have gained 26 lbs of lean body weight, get the same stress management, and thanks to you guys understand I am not giving up the long term benefits of running. Already have some products waiting for me at home from your site (wife was supper confused when she got a package that said Barbell Medicine) and love Peri-Rx.

    Thank you both for all that you do and your time,

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    Without evaluating you I cannot provide you with specific advice about what you should do.

    However, if this is a simple strain of some sort, I would not take time off from training. I would get back to normal activities within 1-2 days, even if you need to reduce the load or change your exercise selection to tolerance.

    Happy to hear you've gotten such benefits from our material!
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