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  • Low T/Diet Question

    Hi -

    Just finished watching your podcast from last year on Low T and if you should take Testosterone. Great content guys keep it up.

    Little history - 32m 240lbs 5'9, office job at a computer all day, non smoker, alcohol 1 drink a month avg, no drugs or perscriptions

    I recently went into the doctor because I'm tired all the time, restlessness sleep, low energy and motivation to do anything and I feel like diet and exercise aren't working. Now looking at my stats, of course lose some weight feel better, easy right? My current TDEE is 2400~, while WHAT I eat might night be the best admittedly (pasta fan ), my Cal intake is restricted to 2200 a day. I do Crossfit 4 days a week (6 months in) and during Spring and Summer I play Ultimate Frisbee on top of that (5 years). - not frisbee golf. Crossfit is new, whole exercising is not, I've done 5x5 strong lifts and 5k training off and on prior.

    For an obese individual, I can move and so ultimately I was hoping a doc could help me figure out why I can't seem to lose weight properly or feel better. He ran some blood tests:
    Glucose 79mg/dl
    Lymph% - 35.7%
    ... Lots of other stats that were in the normal range except for my Testosterone Total 232 ng/dL

    While my understanding is that low T wouldn't cause the issue I came in for, it does explain some symptoms. I go back to most likely retest next week but I was hoping you guys might help understand questions I should ask or info I should me looking for as I would like to lose weight and feel better, where the low T might just make me feel better.

    I've tried Keto for 2 months and after the first week only lost 3lbs and then .5 a week after then plateaued. The 2200 cals hasn't been working but going any lower I feel just starved and even lower energy and my workouts suffer.

    Any advice to talk to my doctor about the weightless or low T?


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    Yes, I would ensure that your testosterone level is being drawn correctly (as we discussed in the podcasts). You will also likely need some additional lab evaluation (including gonadotropins, among others).

    I'm assuming from your height and weight that your waist circumference is likely elevated. You should probably get a sleep study done as well to evaluate for obstructive sleep apnea (and this would likely be my strongest recommendation for you at this point).

    There are unlikely to be any specific hormonal pathologies to explain why you have difficulty losing weight. If you'd like further assistance with the process, our dietician / nutrition coaches can help.
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