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Straightening of the normal cervical lordosis

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  • Straightening of the normal cervical lordosis

    I've posted here before complaining about high blood pressure and its effect on my day to day activities (brainfog, slight dizzines etc.) and went on a series of medical exams, from blood tests, heart/lung scans, abdomen ultrasound, and eventually EEG and x-ray of cervical spine. EEG and x-ray were not normal, everything else was fine.

    I was measuring blood pressure during this time throughout the day and concluded it's normal (ranges from 100-140/ 60-90 mmHg).

    EEG showed some abnormalities (my whole brain has some dysrhythmic shift and paroxysms).

    x-ray of cervical spine showed straightening of the normal cervical lordosis (it looks pretty straight to me).

    So, I guess this straightening might be the cause of my issues, although I'm pretty sure that the "intervention" of strength training worsened my symptoms because I've rarely felt bad before. I've been strength training for around 11 months and after about 2-4 weeks into it I started feeling horrible (I assumed that the amount of food I was eating was making me drowsy and brainfoggy).

    Is there anything I can do to solve the issue, be it through incorporating some exercises or even stopping training completely?


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    Sorry to hear about your difficulties. These sorts of symptoms can be quite difficult to figure out.

    With that said, we do not view "straightening of the cervical lordosis" as a pathology, and I would not associate it with any symptoms or be concerned about it.
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      Cool. I forgot to mention that my thoracic spine is also straightened. I found out about that several years ago when I started feeling chest pain and sternum clicking (clicking is still here but pain is rare).

      I guess I'll continue with the medical checks to see what's really going on. If it's restricted blood flow in the neck or whatever, I guess I'd have to work around that.