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A.c. joint pain/tenderness

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  • A.c. joint pain/tenderness

    So I was at a hotel...on booking, I was told they had oly free weights in their fitness facility. I took them at their word. Turns out they had about 500# of plates for the smith machine. I used what I had, because by the time I got to my workout, I wasn’t able to go to another gym for a drop in.

    I occasionally have some shoulder pain post OHP, and a little after heavy bench sessions. But never at the AC joint. During this session, I did 5x5 @8, followed by “pin presses” 3x5 @9. Morning after, my AC joint is tender under direct pressure/some stiffness and soreness. I am 5 weeks out from a competition so I want to manage this without detraining as much as possible. Deload and higher rep count to achieve RPE without continued aggravation? Is AC joint pain indicative of impending doom...LOL?
    Also, I’m curious if the restriction of range imposed by the machine could have aggravated/triggered the issue.

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    This may just have to do with the novel loading stimulus compared to what you're typically adapted to. There may not be anything special that you need to do here other than continuing to auto-regulate loads and exercise selection to tolerance, just like we've described before as our general approach to injury. Certainly nothing to panic about.
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      Thanks for the reply. I think you are correct about the novel stimulus. It is feeling better already.