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Any advice on training with EI-LBBB

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  • Any advice on training with EI-LBBB


    Anything I should worry about when strength training with EI-LBBB?

    Reason asking:
    I failed a stress test on Tuesday this week then had a Cardiac Catheterization Wednesday that showed no blockages at all. (Last May I had a Cardiac Catheterization and two stents successfully put in, both still 100% fine/open)

    Diagnosis is EI-LBBB.

    My Dr said to give my artery a week to close/heal before lifting heavy, but other than that he said go back to exercise. (he will be trying some meds to remove the feeling I get but said LBBB that I have it not curable, and its rare to be able to feel it without a blockage)

    Age 50
    Height 5' 10"
    Weight 185-190
    Rugged good looks

    Training history about 33 years consistently
    Current lifts all below my all time bests.. but improving. Squat 355 1, Bench 245-1 (recovering successfully from shoulder tweak), Deadlift 455 . <yes I am weak>
    Program 3 day per week (based off bridge)

    I do a little cardio a few times a week (MTB, incline treadmill or jump rope) similar to outline in bridge, but longer duration during summer MTB sessions. The EI-LBBB seems to be active quickly on any cardio after a few minutes, but not so much with the weights.

    Thanks for any additional insight.

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    Hey Dale,

    Thanks for the message and I hope you're well.

    Unfortunately, I have nothing else to add to your cardiologist's recommendations other than I would comply with them.

    Additionally, you're not weak. That's a stout pull
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