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Effect of strength training on PSA levels

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  • Effect of strength training on PSA levels

    Following a recent PSA test I've been asked to visit my GP (Doctor) as the level is slightly elevated. Now last year it was also elevated (about 6 from memory)

    A DRE found no abnormality to the prostate then

    The recent blood test (at 08:40) followed a workout with bench, chin ups and deadlift the previous evening. Deadlift was especially hard...

    There's loads on conflicting information and studies around, but the general feeling is that heavy exercise can raise PSA levels for 48 hours

    I'm 68 and a 3 month convert to gaining strength to ameliorate ageing issues. I'm generally aware of the failings of the PSA test (false positives and negatives for example), and have no prostate-type symptoms and no family history. Having a close friend die in the last few days of Metastastic Prostate Cancer concentrates the mind a little however

    Any thoughts or guidance on the effect of training on PSA - I will of course discuss this with my GP


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    It is thought that vigorous physical activity can raise blood PSA levels, yes.

    I'd probably schedule the blood draw about 48 h from my last training session, if possible.
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