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Arachnoid cyst: headaches when training

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  • Arachnoid cyst: headaches when training

    Hey doctors, I would be grateful if you could guide me with some doubts I've been habing regarding some exercises and a medical situation I have.

    So, a few years ago I was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst, my neurologist told me that this didn'r represent any problem to my health, just that I should take care from receiving hits to my head, recently I switched the new Powerbuilding II template, on day 1 the programs calls for split squats (I decided to do bulgarian split squats), when I perform this exercise I start to develop a pretty intense headache and dizzines that comes with a certain degre of body exaustation, when I'm done with it I feel like crap, I feel weak, physically and mentally. So I was wondering if this could have any effect with my cyst?
    Thanks for all the help.

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    Impossible to say anything with 100% certainty, but probably not.
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