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  • Pregnancy question

    My wife is pregnant and the doctor has prescribed her a prenatal multi with DHA. Am I correct in my belief that most prenatal multis are just synthetic formulations with extra folic acid? If so, I plan to just buy her standalone folic acid and a high quality DHA supplement from an organic grocery store.

    also, I know you have touted the ineffectiveness of fish oil in your literature. So in this instance do you think the DHA for my wife has merit? Just curious. I will buy it for her regardless

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    Prenatal vitamins typically contain much more than just folic acid, but this component is particularly important for reduction in risk of neural tube defects. Ideally, she would have been taking folate for at least a month prior to getting pregnant, however.

    DHA is important for the normal development of the fetal brain and retina, and most people don't consume much fish in their regular diets. While the data are conflicting, there are also ongoing discussions in the literature about effects on preterm birth, allergic disease, and pre-eclampsia.
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