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Delaying frailty with strength training

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  • Delaying frailty with strength training


    Just came across the attached meta-analysis through my work. Thought was quite interesting - likely the bottom line doesn't tell you anything you already didn't know re best way to prevent frailty though !?

    As the studies were quite different the method of comparing magnitude of effect was not standard and not entirely sure it's validated?

    The proposed exercise regimen for general practice to recommend doesn't look like barbell work - but maybe that's something that should be looked in to!

    Just wondered if you had other thoughts on this? - perhaps nothing that interesting or new, but first time I had seen what are generally recommend as standard interventions here in the UK compared. This paper is telling me that I'll be doing my sets of 5 and watching my food quality well into my old age!
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    Yes, this is a very interesting topic. You are correct that there is enormous heterogeneity in the literature regarding definitions, screening/diagnostic/therapeutic approaches

    I don't really have any other thoughts here, though. Training and nutrition are important
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