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Varicocele and Powerlifting W/ Valsalva

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  • Varicocele and Powerlifting W/ Valsalva

    This post is somewhat related to, but seen from a different perspective.

    I got hematospermia recently (blood in the semen), and the doctor sent me a diagnostic ecography. They found two things:
    Varicocele in the left testicule.
    And what they think is a utricular cyst.

    In some cases varicoceles can apparently lead to pain and problems with fertility and generally the vein does not seem able to recover on its own. The urologist made it sound like a relatively small issue, but responded to my question about the use of the valsalva technique during heavy squats/deadlift that it might indeed ontribute to the problem.

    Any thoughs / experiences with regard to varicocele and valsalva in powerlifting/weightlifting?l.

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    Unfortunately I do not have thoughts / experiences on this. Sorry.
    IG / YT


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      I was diagnosed with a varicocele about 6 years ago. It hurt a fair bit for a while (which is why I went to the doctor). It ended up getting better over time and bothers me maybe 3-4 times a year for very brief periods of time.

      I don't even think about it when I train, or much at all these days. Your mileage may vary.