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Pectus excavatum and strength training

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  • Pectus excavatum and strength training

    I used to have a pretty bad case of pectus excavatum, but since starting strength training it has become much less noticeable. I was wondering if it’s possible that lifting has somehow altered the structure of my chest wall as it looks a lot less dramatic now.

    I did expect weight gain to cover it to some extent, but apart from my flared ribs my chest looks almost normal now. I don’t have a proper before picture but the difference is big.

    I’ve tried Googling it but most sites seem to offer little to no evidence to back their sunken chest fixing exercise routines.

    I’m looking forward to making even more chest gains with The Bridge now that my progress on 3x5 is starting to stall.


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    I suspect that increasing muscle mass in the area would be a more likely reason rather than significant bony changes ... but I don't know.
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