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Meningitis Vaccinations

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  • Meningitis Vaccinations

    It has recently dawned on me that I probably need to get my meningitis vaccinations if I have not already. Although it is rare, it is extremely fatal and I would rather be safe than sorry. I think I got my first vaccination when I was younger because I asked me mother, but I am not sure if I have gotten my Meningitis B vaccination. I have moved around a few times in my life, so I am not sure if I can get all my shot records. How can I make sure I have had this shot because I don’t want to get it again if I have already gotten it. What should I do here? I was born in 2002 and will be going to college soon and figure it would be a good time to bring this up.

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    Unless you have documentation, there aren't other ways to determine whether you've received it in the past.

    I'd recommend discussing this with your physician.
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