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  • Medrol

    Hello doc,
    I had a small bold patch for over 6 months in my scalp, the last two months went a little bigger.It is still small like 1 euro.My dermatologist gave me a treatment which consists of 24mg of Medrol tapered down for 1 month + a topical cortisone cream.As far as training goes, after a 3 month layoff due to life, I am at the 8th week of the beginner template and things were going pretty well.Should i change anything in training when i start the treatment?Also, i am eating for 3 weeks around 2300 calories and my weight went down slowly from 69 to 68kg.I would like to maintain around 68 to 70 kg of body weight for now.Will I need to cut calories with the start of the treatment?Moreover, there is the component of external stress due to catastrophizing of losing all my hair .I am trying to manage this.

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    I wouldn't change anything about programming due to being on this medicine, and I wouldn't expect you to need to reduce your calories if you're already tracking them.
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