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Sleeping 7 vs. 9 hours per night?

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  • Sleeping 7 vs. 9 hours per night?

    Hello! I understand the current sleep guidelines suggest sleeping 7-9 hours every night, however I've been wondering if there is any actual benefit of sleeping 9 hours instead of 7 or if it varies from individual to individual? I am 24 years old, active and lift weights 3 times per week.

    I would actually like to get away with the least amount of sleep possible, so I'm wondering if there are any actual benefits in health or in training outcomes when it comes to the lower vs. higher end of this spectrum.


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    It likely does vary between individuals, although we think the 7-8 hour range is a reasonable target for most people. There isn't any way to know the precise amount of sleep that you "need" as an individual, nor would I micromanage this. If you feel well and have good performance/recovery/energy on, say, 7.5 hours of sleep, that's reasonable to stick with.
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