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Ankle pain in the left ankle while running.

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  • Ankle pain in the left ankle while running.

    So I've been running NLP for 4 months. My lifts are 260/185/130/265. I've never had ankle pain while squatting or running before. However, after my first practice of the season for rugby, I started to get really bad ankle pain. During the practice, my calves started to cramp up to the point where I fell over, and toward the end of practice, I started to get a pain at the top front of the ankle, right where the foot and shin meet. This doesn't happen all the time (since I've had some days where I run down the hallway in school and felt no pain) but it eventually catches up to me and I start getting the pain so bad that I have to stop running. It starts at the spot I indicated and kinda goes up the shin until I have to stop running since I'm basically limping. This is only the LEFT ankle. Walking doesn't hurt and squatting is fine, but running is very painful. If anyone knows what I did please let me know and if anyone has had something similar and how I can get better. M/18/175/5'4

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    Sounds like you probably need to be evaluated in person for this.
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