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COVID-19 - Thoughts on How the US Government is Handling

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  • COVID-19 - Thoughts on How the US Government is Handling

    Everyone's seeing COVID-19 coverage continue to drown the front page, and understandably so.

    I'm curious as to the Dr.'s thoughts on the US Government's reaction to handling the coronavirus? Also, what would you guys say the RPE for concern should be at this point? Do you all think we should be quarantining at this point?

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    I don't have a lot of thoughts as to how the government is handling it to be honest, because 1) I'm not in a position to make such management decisions, and 2) I'm too busy actually taking care of sick patients in the hospital everyday, and will be doing this regardless of what the government does.

    At the moment we are recommending people follow the CDC's recommendations on the matter, which are all subject to change as new evidence emerges.
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      Love this" RPE for concern". Well done. I would love DR. Baraki's opinion on this. Reading what the CDC says and hearing it from someone you trust is two totally different things.Dr. Baraki's ability to break down the science stuff is one of my favorite aspects of this forum.