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Resistance Training and its Impact on the Immunity System

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  • Austin Baraki

    Welcome and thanks for your question. We've addressed this a few times recently, so I'd start here.

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  • Resistance Training and its Impact on the Immunity System

    My question comes amidst a global pandemic. For most of the country, local gyms are closed and many of us are stuck without commercial grade equipment to train with. Social distancing from gyms allows us the opportunity to avoid a "germ pit," which should improve our odds of not contacting COVID-19. I am stuck working out from home with no official equipment and the most beneficial items I have found to workout with is two paint cans and a 24 pack of Coors Light. I feel that I am going to lose much of my muscle mass not being able to lift 'heavy" for several months. With this being said, I am not training at a vigorous level as I find it much harder to do from home; I am working more at a moderate activity level now. I also have cut my training time nearly in half since the pandemic started because I cannot think of enough variations to do that compel me to keep going.

    I have heard that training at a vigorous level puts strain on our immune system as it tries to repair our body from the prior workout. On the other hand, I have heard that training at a moderate level rarely strains our immune system. So during a time where we want our immune system to be functioning at its best, am I doing myself a favor by tuning down my training and keeping it at a moderate level? Do the pros of not working out as hard and as heavy for awhile due to pandemic outweigh the consequences of me losing much of what I have gained over the last several years?