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Rash on 2 month old son

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  • Rash on 2 month old son

    My two month old son has developed a mild rash on his chest and face. The rash comes and goes. My wife breast feeds and has seemingly jumped to conclusion and developed a theory that it is her egg consumption (2 whole eggs/day) that is giving him these rashes.

    The previous three days before my wife and I noticed the rash it has been around 90 degrees outside and very humid. We went for walks on all three days and pushed him in the stroller for an hour or so. I believe it is a simple heat rash and we simply need to be more cognizant of how much time we expose him to the outdoors as my wife and I are avid nature enthusiasts.

    I’m not interested in what our pediatrician thinks as she recommended soy formula at one point, which eliminated all confidence I had in her. Though my wife still likes her for some reason.

    anyways, what do you think? Heat rash or egg allerlgy? If it is a reaction to something my wife is eating won’t he simply outgrow it and tolerate the food better.

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    Based on what you're describing, the heat rash sounds to be a bit more likely, but I'll be honest - I'd probably take a pediatrician's opinion over someone who hasn't seen a pediatric patient in over five years (me).
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