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Achilles tendon and back of heel pain

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  • Achilles tendon and back of heel pain

    Hi BBM Doctors,

    About 2 weeks ago I started getting pain in my Achilles’ tendons and heels of both legs. The main source of pain is primarily in the heels.

    I’m currently on the Beginner Template, phase 2, week 8.6, and I think the trigger was overuse. Specifically, I have been walking 10,000 steps daily and doing 30 minutes off LISS brisk walking twice per week. About a month ago, I began doing 3 sets of weighted calf raises twice a week.

    I read the BBM Pain in training article and decided to stop doing the twice weekly LISS brisk walking and calf raises. My plan was to continue with the daily 10,000 steps to maintain some strength and mobility in the area while it heals, then gradually add the rest back in. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks, however, I‘m still getting intermittent pain.

    I’m wondering whether I should give the strategy of 10,000 daily steps more time, or try another intervention? I’d be grateful for any advice you can give.

    51 year old male
    5’8’’, 163lbs, waist 36”, bmi 24.7
    currently on calorie deficit to reduce my waist to under 35”

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    This article may be helpful:

    Specifically, the section on setting expectations about the rehab process and timeline. It is completely normal and expected to have intermittent symptoms after two weeks, as fully rehabilitating a tendinopathy typically takes longer than this.

    If the symptoms are worsening/limiting or are intolerable, you could further reduce your total daily steps temporarily, but if the symptoms are gradually improving albeit with intermittent increases, there may be nothing needed other than continued consistent rehab and time.
    IG / YT


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      Thanks Austin, that’s very helpful.