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Blood glucose = 129 a problem

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  • Blood glucose = 129 a problem

    Fist thank yall for all the work you do, following you guys' advice has led to better health outcomes for me over the last two years.

    Just had non-fasted blood work done by my GP. The results came back with everything looking good, however, the nurse told me that my blood glucose levels were at 129 and they wanted me to go back fasted and retest because the reading of 129 was a tad high. I explained that I was not fasted at the time the blood draw was taken having ate at most 90 minutes before the blood draw. Note: I did not fast because a blood draw was not originally scheduled, my GP decided to draw blood to check thyroid and electrolytes due to my having heart palpitations and that being the reason for my visit. Is a blood glucose level of 129 90 minutes after a meal cause for concern? I cant figure out why they brought this up if not.

    Note: The meal was a chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwich and baked potato chips.

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    This would not be too surprising inn most individuals, but since you consumed a mixed meal (and not a "standard reference", as in an oral glucose tolerance test), you would need a separate test (e.g., fasting blood sugar, HbA1c, or OGTT) to provide more useful information regarding the risk of insulin resistance or diabetes.
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      Thank you!