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Different opinions from docs over one conflict

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  • Different opinions from docs over one conflict

    Hi Docs,
    I have been one of the strict followers of barbell medicine for some time and my life has changed a lot thanks to it.
    There are indeed a number of things I can say to set an example regarding this topic but for the sake of time lets think about foam rolling & stretching.
    Doing foam rolling and stretching to optimize training and reducing injury risk is one of the things you have consider a lot and you have stated that the data confirming it is barely exists.
    None of the bbm templates includes them to warp up, either.

    Here is my question:
    I still , in 2020, come across plenty of trainers, docs, instagram & web pages suggesting, teaching, advocating and marketing streching & foam rolling prior to strength training.
    Some of them is physician who got through med school just as you did.
    While you guys strongly state the absence of evidence, Why those other docs still believe in this?
    Are they unaware of the evidence, maybe since they are too lazy to bother themselves to read it, if so they might be unaware of some other things such as the treatment of the diseases to which I might consult them
    Or instead, this conflict just comes from the fact that there is no such a thing one proven reality but different interpretations for it


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    I'd recommend asking them, and evaluating the merits of their argument based on the degree of support they can provide for it.
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