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A question to Docs who occasionally wear glasses

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  • A question to Docs who occasionally wear glasses

    Hello Jordan and Austin,
    I have myopia. In Austins's past videos that he put on his youtube channel, I observed that he wore glasses which is probably to cure near-sighteness issue.
    Jordan have worn glasses too. So I think both of you has myopia just as I do.

    What do you think about laser operation to cure this issue? Because Austin no more wear glasses, I think he might had an operation. If so, what are your suggestions. If not, you probably wear contact lenses. Is there any particular reason for you doing this outside of cosmetic preferences?

    For Jordan, you sometimes wear, sometimes don't. Why don't you think have a laser operation?

    Thank you

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    I wear contact lenses.

    If you're interested in laser surgery, I'd recommend consulting with an ophthalmologist. While I'm aware of the existence of these procedures, I do not know enough about them to speak on the matter.
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