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A study about statins from a doc looking suspect

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  • deadliftwithslippers
    Thank you very much Austin

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  • Austin Baraki
    Unfortunately we do not have time to perform in-depth analyses of published literature on demand via the forum here, but the main comments I would make based on an initial glance are:

    -Cardiovascular disease is a lifelong, cumulative disease process that occurs over the course of decades.
    -Demonstrating mortality benefit in randomized trials for disease with long latency periods like cardiovascular disease requires *extremely* large and/or long studies, which is a frequent limitation in the literature with respect to mortality outcomes.
    -These studies only estimate benefit during the limited timeframe the trials were run, which would underestimate lifelong benefit - particularly when treatment results in better blood lipid control earlier in life in a high risk individual.
    -There are many other important outcomes worthy of attention besides mortality alone (e.g., barely surviving a near-fatal heart attack would not be captured by data like this).
    -Primary prevention and secondary prevention scenarios are known to have very different outcomes, numbers (and durations) needed to treat, and should probably not be combined for the purpose of an analysis like this.

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  • A study about statins from a doc looking suspect

    Hello Austin,
    I came across a post on instagram from a doc saying why you shouldn't use statins. I approached it with a certain suspect since I figured out that he is also a advocater of keto diet.
    Anyway, on the post, he shared this study to support his side on statins :
    As far as I remember this study comfort with the standards you state for being regarded as valuable
    I would appreciate if I hear your comments on this study.

    Thank you