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Any new findings or issues with Training with COVID?

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  • Any new findings or issues with Training with COVID?

    Hi BBM,

    Recently my entire household has contracted Covid. It appears I'm the only one who is still symptomless at this time. I've read a few answers here for more specific situations with people coming back to training after having COVID, but was wondering what the current views are about training while being asymptomatic. I'm on my last workout on week 7 on the bridge and would like to finish strong, but do not want to risk further health issues in the future. Also, I have a home gym (DEF staying in lockdown) so there is no concern of me spreading it further. I am the only one who hasn't received a positive test yet but have one scheduled for tomorrow. Can I train hard today or should I hold off altogether? Should I just regulate with RPE?

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    If you are asymptomatic, I would not have concerns about training normally at home.
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