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pain while squatting due to varicocele?

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  • pain while squatting due to varicocele?

    About a year and a half ago I was in the gym doing front squats with two rep breath holds. I felt an intense dull pain in my left testicle and went to the urologist the next day. He did an ultrasound and said it was epididymitis and put me on antibiotics for two months. The pain was unrelenting and the antibiotics did not help. I visited many doctors in the next few months and they attributed my pain to non-bacterial prostatitis, although my prostate looked healthy. Eventually the pain flared up into my abdomen with burning sensations and nerve pain (CPPS?) I aggravated the testicle a more few times by squatting down. The pain would linger for a few weeks, like a good kick in the balls. I was unable to lift weights or go surfing for a year, although I was starting to go mad. Finally I found a urologist who put me on NSAIDS and the pain and incidences diminished. An inguinal hernia was ruled out by an MRI, CT scans and ultrasounds (although I'm living in countryside Japan and there's a lack of quality doctors and travel limited due to COVID). Then one radiologist found a very small varicocele (1.5mm) on my left testicle and this is now seen as a possible source of my pain. Prior to this injury I'd never had any similar issues. Elective surgery is possible although my urologist says a varicocele of this size doesn't usually cause pain, and there's a small chance that surgery could cause other complications. Squatting, bending over, and putting on pants are the triggers. I'm learning to live with the pain but it has severely impacted my quality of life. And I really, really miss doing squats in the gym.
    I'm hoping someone here has some insight or experience that could help me get over this condition. Thanks much.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about this frustrating issue. Unfortunately I'm not too confident that your symptoms are related to the varicocele here, but don't have too many other ideas as far as a potential explanation. Our usual approach to managing pain in the gym still applies here, although this should be combined with continued follow up with your physicians in case there are other non-surgical treatment options such as neuropathic agents.
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      Thank you Dr. Baraki for your reply. It's great to hear your perspective and I'm somewhat relieved to know the pain is probably unrelated to the varicocele. I have listened to your podcasts regarding pain management and they're been helpful. I am able to do lunges, single leg presses, and Bulgarian split squats but not able to do deadlifts or squats. At one point last year I was taking pregabalin but I didn't notice any improvements. My next step will be to try acupuncture, even though my urologist says the evidence is inconclusive. Thanks again.