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Glaucoma/ Ocular Eye Pressure

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  • Glaucoma/ Ocular Eye Pressure

    Hi Doctors, I'm a huge fan of your programming and am making it through the beginner template after way-to-long using the at-home template (stupid covid).I'm a 41-year-old male, 6'2", 175lbs, squatting 315 e1RM; DL 390 e1RM. I've lost 20lbs in the last 3 months thanks to cleaner eating and GPP.

    I saw my ophthalmologist a few days ago, who expressed concern about elevated interocular pressure (IOP), which was at 27 in one eye (21 in the other). I've always had elevated IOP and large roots in my eyes -- despite no family history of glaucoma -- but he said it I should begin performing laser trabeculoplasty to relieve eye pressure because it had increased from three years prior (from 24). We'll have a follow-up IOP test to be sure.

    I feel like I'm quite young for beginning a regular eye procedure like this, but health is what it is. Before I commit to this, is there any reason to think powerlifting could be responsible for the elevated IOP? I'm trying to rule out other possibilities.

    Thanks so much for all you do.

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    No, regular resistance exercise would not be expected to contribute to a sustained increase in resting IOP.
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      Thanks, Doctor, life's curve balls can be annoying. Lifting helps with the mental-health element, if nothing else, so glad to keep it up.