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Is Creatine giving me Kidney/urine problems?

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  • Is Creatine giving me Kidney/urine problems?

    Hi BBM,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and answer this.

    I am suffering from Polyuria. I really noticed it in 2019, but it wasn't so bad. But since March of this year, it has escalated dramatically. I can tolerate it during the day, but at night it is a major problem, which is affecting my sleep amount and quality. Unfortunately, it is affecting my quality of life let alone making gains.

    The main problems are:
    - Before sleeping, I cannot empty my bladder. As soon as I finish using the toilet and stand back up, I almost immediately feel an urge to get back down and continue. When I do, it takes at least 2 minutes to come out, and when it does, a stream comes out lasting a few seconds. This happens 2-4x before I can go to sleep. I first noticed this early 2019.

    - I am guaranteed to wake up at least once a night to pee (and that's a good night). Other nights, I wake up twice to pee. And on the third time waking up, the sun is already up and it's too bright to fall back asleep.

    The Doctor has told me to stop taking Creatine for 6 weeks, to see if this is causing it. Do you think it could be?
    I first started taking Creatine late 2019, so surely that does not explain how I noticed this problem early 2019, albeit it wasn't as bad as now.
    Also, I take 2x the dosage recommended (12g). Some days more.
    This is because I have heard Creatine is good for the brain in regard to reducing the effects of brain trauma when hit, but it has to be larger doses (something to do with how creatine uptake is slower in the brain?) - and I often take some hits from MMA training.
    So could this larger dosage be a factor? I've been taking this much since the start of 2020.

    Other than that I've been told to make a diary of my fluid and urination, and I'm going for a scan soon.
    The doctor said my (fasted) blood and urine tests have come back fine.

    I am a 22 years old male.

    Many thanks.

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    The Doctor has told me to stop taking Creatine for 6 weeks, to see if this is causing it. Do you think it could be?
    I don't know. However, I don't think you'd need to be off for 6 whole weeks to see whether there's an effect. You could even bring the dosage down to 5g/d and see if that has any impact first.

    Otherwise, you may need to be evaluated by a urologist.
    IG / YT