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Bloodwork: Any reason to ask for specifics?

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  • Bloodwork: Any reason to ask for specifics?

    Been a few years since my last one at 49, now 51, still training 3 to 4 nights per week and no known chronic health issues. Only fly in the ointment has ever been slightly elevated LDL which seems genetic.
    I generally assume no news is good news and would get called back if anything was to awry. Or should I be a little more proactive? Or just forget it and carry on.


    *Obviously I'll be demanding my testosterone levels be rigorously examined. I mean, that goes without saying..

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    Without knowing which labs they did, or how abnormal of a cholesterol panel you have, it's hard to give useful advice here unfortunately.

    Aside from the bloodwork, I would also want to make sure that you're up-to-date on blood pressure and colorectal cancer screening.
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      Thanks Austin.

      Actually, when you tick over 50 in Australia, they (Commonwealth dep of health) post you a screening kit. Its a great idea.


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        Didn't know about this! That's excellent. Wish we had something similar over here.
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