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Covid booster and training

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  • Covid booster and training

    Hi Doctors, I’m in Singapore and have completed 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The government is now rolling out a 3rd dose of Pfizer, which I will take in 2 days time. I noticed there is a health advisory not to engage in strenuous activity for 2 weeks post injection. I was wondering what you thought about this advice, and whether you think there would be any issues if I were to train as per normal 3 days after injection?


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    I think that this advice is overly cautious.

    There may be some non-zero amount of risk to resuming usual activity sooner after the vaccine, although exactly how much is unclear. I obviously can't provide individual medical recommendations for others through this forum, but if I were in this situation I would likely resume training sooner.
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      Thanks Austin!


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        FWIW, this year I resumed lifting within 30 minutes of vaccination on three separate occasions - a covid, a shingrix, and a covid and flu at the same time. I got the covid booster on a non-training day, so it was 24 hours until I resumed. I had no issues beyond the normal published shingrix vaccine reaction and some arm tenderness from the covid vaccines. In each case I was fine at my next training session.