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statins+ keto mechanisms?

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  • statins+ keto mechanisms?

    Been reading cholesterol code lately and its making me think a little bit about the standard about the L-Energy model.

    From what I undersatand
    LCHF diet-> increased LDL due to LDL using fat more efficiently (LDL picks up tri's in blood)
    I am curious if statins stop your liver from producing the enzyme that makes LDL -> pick up tris

    Do statins then affect your ability to lose fat, or contribute to your insulin being higher on a LCHF diet? How are tris being shuttled out and used as energy with a statin LCHF diet?

    Mechanism of statins here is kind of confusing for me, as a non-medical person

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    Statins do not impact the ability to lose fat.

    Statins inhibit cells' ability to synthesize their own cholesterol, which leads them to up-regulate LDL receptors on their surface to pull LDL particles (and their cholesterol content) out of the blood and into the cell.
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