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For Dr. Baraki Tramadol?

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  • For Dr. Baraki Tramadol?

    Hey Austin I was just listening to epi where you were talking about osteoarthritis. In that episode you mentioned tramadol for treatment and stated “which is a drug I would never prescribe to anyone.” Could you elaborate on this or correct me ifbI got the drug name or quote wrong thanks.

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    Correct, I do not prescribe Tramadol in general. There are a variety of reasons for this that can be simplified to: it does not offer any advantages over other opioid drugs, while simultaneously offering multiple downsides/risks. Among medical toxicologists, the drug has been colloquially re-named "Tramadon't" (a term which, if you google it, will turn up lots of resources on this).

    Here is a good resource on it, although this is written in more clinical/scientific language:
    IG / YT