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Should I get tested for subclinical hyperthyroidism

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  • Should I get tested for subclinical hyperthyroidism

    Hey Docs,

    is it worth getting tested for subclinical hyperthyroidism?

    looking through the below list of symptoms, I seem to meet all minus 1:
    • Frequent bowel movements
    • Fatigue or feeling tired
    • Feeling nervous
    • Unable to tolerate heat
    • Increased sweating
    • Increased appetite
    • Racing or rapidly beating heart
    • Losing weight without trying
    • Hair loss or balding
    • Hand tremor
    • Lack of menstrual periods in women
    • Sleep problems
    I'm Male 23, and have all of the above symptoms minus Hand tremors..

    I'm currently talking to a sleep specialist regarding my sleep/ tiredness issues, they currently think its due to my deviated septum and overbite.. however I have had an at home sleep test and only returned Mild sleep apnoea.. which I don't think explains the issues of falling asleep, staying asleep and not feeling rested when i do sleep.

    I also have IBS, and have very frequent (bad), 4/5+ times a day, bowel movements.

    I have never spoken to my doctor about my excessive sweating, my mum also suffers with this, but i would like to seek treatment for it, but after googling around, current treatments don't look promising in solving my main troubles here.

    regarding the rest of the symptoms, i have thin balding hair, to the point most people think i am 10 years older than i actually am. and I have always drank and eat a comically large amount of food/water.

    my main question is, is it likely/possible that all my symptoms are related/caused by hyperthyroidism? and if so, would treatment help this? as i read that subclinical hyperthyroidism isn't normally treated?

    slight related follow up question, one of the main symptoms for Hyper and Hypo thyroidism is muscle weakness, does this differ in trained individuals?

    thank you

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    "Subclinical" hypo- or hyperthyroidism, by definition, cannot have symptoms. That is what makes them sub-clinical, and why treatment is not always necessary to impact health outcomes.

    For patients with symptoms (as you seem to be), testing may be appropriate to diagnose clinical hypo- or hyper-thyroidism, which have specific, effective treatments.
    IG / YT


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      Thank you Dr Baraki. I think i misinterpreted what i read in regarda to subclinica. I think its more accurate to say mild thyroid trouble. Ill book a test and go from there! Fingers crossed this is the solution to my problems