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Topical Iodine Supplementation

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  • Topical Iodine Supplementation

    The last six months I have been doing 10 miles long tracks with my brother each Sunday,a few months back he asked me to assess a burn on his lower back caused by his falling asleep on a cloth soaked in iodine I was a bit bewildered and didn’t ask any further questions.Later on I noticed an iodine like stain on the skin around his neck ,he told me he was supplementing with applying iodine to his skin I don’t know wether to advise him to stop this supplementation is this effective/useful or even safe I think it may be something to do with Dr Berg’s advice as he also was recently taking bile salt supplements that caused him to have vivid and extreme hallucination like dreams .Would you recommend my trying to get him to desist from these supplements many Thanks

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    I do not know of a valid reason to do this.
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      Thank you Austin Nice to know it’s not dangerous at least , and as it’s pointless I will suggest he abandons it