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  • tirzepatide/Mounjaro

    Hi Gents,
    I am working with an online weight loss doctor’s company (Nadolsky) and they have recommended tirzepatide as an option to assist with weight loss and management.

    I am trying to read up on this and I listened to your recent podcast where semaglutide was referenced. Curious your thoughts on general safety of tirzepatide for weight loss only (not diabetic)? And should I expect to adjust training if I start on this medication?


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    Tirzepatide is a "cousin" of semaglutide, but is more potent due to a few other mechanisms of action - leading to even higher rates of successful weight loss than semaglutide, which is impressive in its own right. If you are a candidate for it, and can get coverage/afford it, I would absolutely go for it.

    Outside of our usual recommendations for load autoregulation, there are no pre-emptive training changes that I would make or expect to be necessary.
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      Thank you for the insights. Evidently, they feel I am a candidate. I am told insurance doesn’t cover it currently as it is so new. So the manufacturer offers savings cards that currently supply a 4 pen supply (one month) for only $25 out of pocket. This is supposed to be good each month for at least a year.

      I think I’ll give it a go. Thanks!