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Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody and TSH levels

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  • Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody and TSH levels

    First off, thank you for all of the great content and resources.

    I am curious if you would have any feedback - follow-up questions I can ask my doctor, side effects to look out for, past experience/guidance - given my situation below.

    I get routine blood work primarily to ensure my lipid panel is in check (family history, on meds). I consistently have high levels of thyroid peroxidase antibody and TSH. My doctor wants me to start Synthroid and recheck levels in 3 months. I have no problem doing this - going to pharmacy as soon I send this. While I do not have any symptoms of hypothyroidism, I do have family history of autoimmune disease and one instance of thyroid cancer (grandfather).

    I check the box for all 7 of the health priorities you write about. Currently running a 4-day, strength-focused program with plenty of GPP. I take a statin and a low-dose blood pressure medication. I have not noticed any indicator that performance or health is lacking. Weights in gym typically trend upwards, and I can usually train up to better-than-average if I switch focus (e.g., half marathon).

    Thanks for any feedback you have.

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    How high did your lab values get?

    Why did your doctor recommend starting levothyroxine treatment if you currently have no signs or symptoms of hypothyroidism?
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      TSH 5.57 mIU/L
      I assume that because the last, and only, two times I been in for a check-up, the TSH has been high. This is the first time I'm seeing a TPO value. I moved about 14 months ago so don't have a relationship built up with this primary care physician.

      Thanks again!


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        If you have no symptoms at all, a TSH of 5.5, and are not pregnant/planning to get pregnant, I'm not sure I'd be starting levothyroxine replacement in this situation.

        There may be more to the picture that your doctor is considering that I'm not aware of, however.
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