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    Hi, I have a question regarding TRT. I started TRT 12-06-21, so I’ve been on it for awhile now. I got on it because I was looking for more confidence, libido, and drive in life. I also have horrible muscle building genetics, so I wanted to take testosterone under the care of a doctor, with bloodwork. I have noticed almost no benefit since starting TRT(besides my Total T and Free T being higher). My Total Testosterone level was 568 ng/dL when I started and my free T was 73.6 pg/mL. My question is do you think it’s too late to stop with the help of my TRT clinic?(I’m tired of jabbing myself twice a week, for no noticeable benefit) Is it still possible to restore my natural levels? What would be your advice given my situation?

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately a lot of TRT clinics start testosterone inappropriately (as it would seem was done in this case) for patents who do not need it.

    You did not mention the dosage that you've been on, but depending on how high it is, it is typically feasible for people to either taper down on the dosage, or stop it altogether, with eventual recovery of their own normal levels/production. In some cases other adjunctive medications can be helpful/needed to get things "restarted". Ideally the clinician guiding your treatment at this clinic would be familiar with how to do this.
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