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Bulging vein in neck

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  • Bulging vein in neck

    Question for the docs- I have a medical question, and I think it’s likely I will get the answer of “see your primary care physician”, but my PCP is out of town for the week and so I thought I would check in with the docs here. I was deadlifting today, and at the top of a single @7-8, I felt a weird sensation in the lower front right area of my neck. Hard to describe. Not really painful though. I felt around in my neck and didn’t feel anything weird, no pain or tenderness. Then I decided to Valsalva in front of the mirror. When I did that, I noticed one of the blood vessels on the right side of my neck towards the front, seem to be a very different shape than the corresponding on the left side. See the picture below. Seems like usually bulging veins in the neck run up and down, whereas this one seems to curve weirdly to the outside. Not sure if it always looks like this (never valsalvad in front of the mirror and don’t lift in front of a mirror). Am I seeing things that aren’t there? Is this normal and I’m just being paranoid?

    note: I posted this on FB then realized this would likely be a more appropriate venue. Apologies for double-posting.

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    Anatomic variation and asymmetry like this is common/typical.
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