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Normal SGOT/SGPT for Trained Individuals

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  • Normal SGOT/SGPT for Trained Individuals

    I’ve recently had blood work done for life insurance, and my SGOT/SGPT levels were slightly elevated, 57/42 respectively. I found a topic from 2017 were Dr. Feigenbaum referenced what would be a typical level for a trained, or heavily training individual, though the value itself wasn’t mentioned.
    My PCP wanted me to cease supplement intake for 4 weeks then have blood work performed again to see if they’re causing the higher numbers. I’m thinking they’re being excessively cautious, but do those numbers give cause for concern?
    Background: I’ve been training consistently for 17 months, and have a few years of experience prior. Currently rerunning PB2
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    Recently wrote about this, here:

    (SGOT/SGPT are the same as AST/ALT)
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