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    Hey Jordan,

    First, thanks for the fantastic content. I have learned a lot from BBmed. After listening to a recent post, I realized that I was going in the wrong direction. I started my LP with right around a 41" stomach. I worked the plan, which included increasing my food intake. I averaged 200 grams of protein a day. For the most part my progression was moving along well. I usually felt strong during each training session, especially if I made sure I was eating enough. I admit though, due to time constraints, I am not the greatest at tracking my calories as a whole, just my protein.
    I'm 36, 5'8", around 205-8 lbs (started LP around 190), and my highest numbers so far are:
    squat 3x5 290
    deadlift 1x5 330
    bench 3x5 190

    After a few months in to my LP my stomach increased to slightly under 43". After listening to your podcast, I realized that I was in the badzone. So, I started scaling back my food intake. I have tried to maintain 200 grams of protein each day, but often end up around 150. I decreased my fat and carbs. (I don't each much, if at all, white carbs). I also don't take in much extra sugar beyond what is in my food (good to stay away from baked goods, ice cream, etc).

    With this said, my LP has drastically taken a hit. I have not been adding weight to the bar. In fact, I can't even hit the previous numbers (with good form) that I posted above.

    I'm not sure where I go from here. I need to bring down my stomach fat. However, as a result, I don't feel as strong, or as recovered when I train. I don't have plans to compete. I just want to be strong and healthy.

    I really appreciate any advice you can offer.

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    I think you're just at the end of the LP and tweaking the LP more to get a few more jumps out of it likely compromises overall development. I'd switch to the Bridge, hit 200g protein a day, 200g carbs a day (w 35g fiber), and 60g fat a day and go from there.
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