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Protein supplementation in the elderly population

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  • Protein supplementation in the elderly population

    We are regularly reminded that the less young, male and trained you are, the less sensitive you become to amino acids in your diet.

    I have a few elderly people who i am close to (grand parents in the 85 to 91 range) , and i often get slightly frustrated when they eat nothing but soup and a few crackers as a meal and i tell them they probably should eat a whole chicken breast or steak with that...

    From what i understand, they never where big eaters to begin with and aging certainly didn't help increase the appetite. They have been told by some doctor that they should drink this from time to time to get a bit more protein :

    I don't know how something with 9.4g total protein and 250 calories can be sold as a meal replacement...

    In my opinion, they should probably get a scoop of whey protein with milk or juice every morning on top of their breakfast. Do you see any reason this would not be a good idea ?

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    I agree that they should do 1.5-2 scoops of whey 1-2x/day and drop kick the ensure.
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      Thanks for the answer !

      Let's try this and see how they react/comply to it over the long term.