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Organic Produce Debate

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  • Organic Produce Debate

    Hey Jordan. For the last few years organic has been one of those big buzzwords (alongside things like fish oil, probiotics, etc) that was hyped through the roof for a bit, but now seem to be coming back down to earth. Originally we were told organic produce was healthier, more nutrient dense, and free of harmful chemicals. However, I've read some things recently about how most of this is smoke and mirrors, and how they are approved to use things like "organic" pesticides that are still terrible for our health. So that all being said, I hold your opinion in high regard, so I'm curious where you place your stake in the ground in the organic vs non-organic produce debate and why?

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    I think the "dirty dozen" are probably best bought organic, but other stuff...Nah.

    Dirty Dozen:
    • celery
    • peaches
    • strawberries
    • apples
    • domestic blueberries
    • nectarines
    • sweet bell peppers
    • spinach, kale and collard greens
    • cherries
    • potatoes
    • imported grapes
    • lettuce
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      Excellent. Thanks, this is very helpful!