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Ammonia on my breath.

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  • Ammonia on my breath.

    So yeah, I need to trim down the bellyflop. Coming from 110cm and at about 102 now (at 176 cm and 92kg atm). Goal for now is 90 cm at the fattest point, around my navel.

    On non-training days I eat about 2250 kcals, on training days a bit more. Training 3 days a week squat, bench, deadlift, press and chins + some conditiong 2 times a week. Can be a long outside ride or interval training. I work behind a desk, although I bike to work, at nights I study. Not super active.

    My protein intake is adequate at 180 grams, switched from IF to more regular meal timing.

    I notice ammonia on my breath, not sure if I had this before. Since there's a Nitrogen in Ammonia, I'm wondering if I'm either eating too much protein or if I'm just burning some other protein source i.e. lean body mass and should up the dose.

    Any way to find out apart from just trying?

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    It's just metabolic byproducts of the bacteria in your mouth.
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      Ah, clearly overthinking this, thanks!