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Another weight gain question

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  • Another weight gain question

    I'm a 42 year old male, 6' tall, about 202-203 pounds in the morning. I wear waist size 34 for pants. I measured higher near my belly button, and my waist is actually 39.5-40 inches there.

    I started training in February. I attached a picture summarizing my progress with some notes, figuring that would convey the information faster/clearer than a wall of text here. Obviously my training has been far from perfect. My legs started pitifully weak, and when I tweaked my back badly, I started being super conservative with squat progression, probably too much so.

    I eat about 180-200g of protein a day, and get about 7 hours of sleep. I do not track calories much, but estimate that to be around 3000. Due to some heart issues, I am on 25mg of metoprolol succinate and 81 mg aspirin per day for a couple years now. (low ejection fraction ~50%, minor valve leaks, enlarged heart, then was prescribed the medication when my blood pressure was crept up over 130 and my cholesterol had gone up to about 200)

    I am making regular progress still, but was trying to limit my weight gain to about a pound per month. In the past 2 months, I have gained about 2 pounds per month.

    My question is the same as several other threads here - what should my weight goals be, in your opinion? I don't mind gaining 1-2 pounds per month while I'm still making PRs regularly. My thought was to stabilize my weight when my progress slows down, assuming my pants don't get too much tighter at the waist! I don't want to be a beast, just looking to get stronger, then do the Bridge program and maintain or make slow progress on strength while maintaining weight of 205-210. After the Bridge, I would do some intermediate program and keep a conditioning day in there like the Bridge has.

    Thanks for any advice, and for all your contributions to the SS community!


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    I probably wouldn't recommend weight gain at this point given your waist. This may mean changing programming to something like the Bridge.
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      Thank you for the advice! I will try stabilizing my weight by using the MyFitnessPal app regularly, with initial goals of 2800 calories and 225-250 protein. I'll switch to the Bridge program when my PRs stop increasing, which will likely be around the end of 2017.